CosmicRx Radio with Madi Murphy

The Healing Power of Community Care

February 07, 2022 Cosmic RX Episode 43
CosmicRx Radio with Madi Murphy
The Healing Power of Community Care
Show Notes

A sense of belonging has always been important and a core need for humanity, but now more than ever, we have been re-evaluating what that really means to us. That’s why episode 43 of Cosmic RX Radio is about the healing power of community care!

In this episode of Cosmic RX Radio, Madi Murphy is sharing the importance of addressing this loneliness epidemic head-on and actionable steps you can take right now to activate your highest potential of stepping into community care.

Activate your highest potential of stepping into community care

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Some of the talking points Madi goes over in this episode include:

  • Community care as self-care and the gateway to truly healing society. 
  • Simple and fundamental ways we can start thinking about and taking part in community care.
  • The mental and physical effects that loneliness and lacking a sense of belonging can have on people and, opposite that, the positive mental and physical effects that community care can bring
  • .Course correcting this toxic, rugged, hyper-individualism that our country is based on and has only heightened during the pandemic. 
  • Practicing community care so that when we start taking care of one another, our society as a whole can function better.

Alright, you cosmic baddie. Tune in next week… and, until then, remember: love yourself fully, work your magic and take no shit! 

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Thank you for listening!

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