Cosmic RX Radio with Madi Murphy

Practicing Financial Self-Care (Capricorn RX)

January 10, 2022 Cosmic RX Episode 39
Cosmic RX Radio with Madi Murphy
Practicing Financial Self-Care (Capricorn RX)
Show Notes

We are empowered, revolutionary cosmic baddies and that means we are in our own authority by understanding and managing a healthy relationship with our time and money. That’s why episode 39 of Cosmic RX Radio is about practicing financial self-care!

In this episode of Cosmic RX Radio, Madi Murphy is sharing the importance of being in our own authority by understanding our relationship with time and money, and actionable steps you can take right now to reclaim our power in how we think about time and money.

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Some of her favorite pieces of advice that Madi goes over in this episode include:

  • How this new age is reframing financial self-care by reshaping our mindset around money. 
  • Dismantle the toxic myth that buying lattes and fresh flowers are the reason you have debt. 
  • Get comfortable with checking your bank account balances on a regular basis.
  • Set money dates with yourself to sit down, look over your finances, and notice any trends over the past month to understand if your spending is in alignment with your goals and values. 
  • Use the trends you find to cancel unnecessary and unneeded subscriptions and recurring charges.
  • Set your money and career intentions and understand how these intentions connect to your core values. 
  • Get clear on your “no’s” and set boundaries around them.
  • Asking for a raise and don’t be afraid to use your well-earned PTO.
  • Donate and give back to your communities when you can.  

Alright, you cosmic baddie. Tune in next week… and, until then, remember: love yourself fully, work your magic and take no shit! 

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